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The ECGIA Certified Gang Professional Program will continue to be available while certification resources are being updated.
Any questions about this certification please contact the ECGIA.
Certified Gang Professional (CGP) Certification
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A new standard of professionalism for our associations’ members.

Almost 7 years ago, the leaders of the various Gang Investigators Associations agreed that there was a need to create a professional certification program for our members.

Many times since then we have discussed this need. The ECGIA Board has recently approved the development and implementation of a professional certification program for members of Gang Investigators Associations.

The Certified Gang Professional Program
  • Demonstrate professional competency.
  • A standard that says to others that you are skilled in this area of specialization.
  • As with other professions, this certification is voluntary and is approved by a professional organization, i.e. ECGIA.

Who awards the certification?
  • The Certified Gang Professional (CGP) designation is awarded by ECGIA after the applicant achieves all of the required components.
  • As a professional organization, ECGIA created the criteria for the CGP and will insure that applicants meet them.

Why the title: Certified Gang Professional?
  • After much discussion, the ECGIA Board chose this title as it is generic enough to embrace all of our members in federal, state and local law enforcement and those who are in corrections, probation, analysts, etc.

  • An employee of a Law Enforcement Agency (LEA)
  • Active membership in a recognized Gang Investigators Association
  • Attended a recognized Gang Conference within the past three years (Certificate required)
  • Pass an online examination

  • ECGIA will administer the CGP Program.
  • The program will be facilitated by Kiley Associates LLC who has been contracted by ECGIA.
  • CGP designees will receive a formal certificate awarding them the title of Certified Gang Professional.

  • The initial certification will be awarded for a period of three (3) years
  • Recertification will require ongoing professional development training, e.g. attendance at a Gang Conference, online courses, etc.

Fee for Certification:
  • The fee for the CGP Certification application, processing, online testing, and professional certificate is two hundred and fifty dollars ($250).

CGP Online Examination:
  • 75 Multiple Choice and/or True/False questions
  • 3 hours is total amount of time allocated for the exam and the exam must be taken in one sitting. Once the exam is begun, the applicant has three hours from that point.
  • Each applicant gets a different version of the exam as the questions are randomized from a bank of hundreds of questions.  Even a retake of the exam will be different.
  • Each applicant gets one retake for their exam, i.e. without paying any additional fee.  So, if the person is not successful on their first attempt, they can log on using the same information and take a test a second time.  Please note that the second exam will be a different version; this is for the sake of integrity of the process.
  • Once you receive the exam in your e-mail inbox you have 30 days to take the exam, but once the exam is opened the 3 hour time limit starts. Exam retake is an additional 30 days.
The following resources are required to take the certification:
The book GANGS: A Guide to Understanding Street Gangs, 4th edition authored by Al Valdez is required reading to properly pass the CGP exam. The book is available from LawTech Publishing (www.lawtech.cc) (949) 498-4815. The other reading material necessary for the course can be located below under Resources for Certified Gang Professional Program.
Resources for Certified Gang Professional Program
2000 National Threat Assessment (This is a large file, please allow time to download)
2005 National Threat Assessment
National Street Gang Survey Report 1998
Responding to Gangs Evaluation and Research
2005 CGP Flyer
CGP Application Form
CGP Online Brochure
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